Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Social media has become an integral part of our life. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being the three most popular social network sites attract a vast majority of people. According to a post on 20 percent of world’s population is on social media.

Businesses all over the world are utilizing these common yet effective social media tools to their advantage. This network allows you to create a personal account, but beside that you can have a page dedicated just to your business.

Popular Facebook Pages (Wilson)

Old Spice had the most successful marketing via Facebook. Currently their Facebook page holds 2,424,138 likes. The content featured there includes advertisements, interesting audio packages and some funny ringtones. (Old Spice)

Second best marketing figures were from Coca-Cola. Their Facebook page holds a collection of stories from different persons. This page holds 62,989,464 likes up to this point and number is expected to grow as time passes. (Coca-Cola)

Tools to Market yourself

Social media has provided the opportunity to individuals to showcase their talents to the world. Most of the social media websites are free with a minority of them asking money for premium features.

Let’s take a look at best social media tools.

1. Buffer

Buffer provides you access to be present on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from one central location. You can organize what to publish, where to publish and when to publish the contents. This feature gives you opportunity to plan ahead for the day, for instance you can schedule posts for tomorrow the tonight. In addition to that it provides you statistical data on how many people clicked, retweeted and commented on your posts. (Kerpen, 2013)

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another productive tool which allows you to control Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one account. Hootsuite provides you with a dashboard from where you can monitor your social media activity. It also includes features like scheduling specific posts in advance. Hootsuite also has an android as well as iPhone app. (Paul)

3. Mention

Mention is just like a tracking device for social media. It scans for you in blogs, tweets and posts etc. The way mentions works is it creates alerts for you whenever it tracks your presence online. This is a great way to know your popularity over the web as well as your competitor’s presence online. (Kerpen, 2013)

4. Blogspot

Blogspot may not be a popular choice for business owners, but for small and medium size businesses it is a great option. It gives you opportunity to have online presence and exposure without any expense and a lot of good features. Blogspot is a great option for individuals to showcase their products. There are other websites that provide the blogging feature like wordpress, tumblr etc, but blogspot is the oldest and most popular of them all.

5. Nimble

Nimble as titled is a social relationship manager. This gives you a dashboard to control all your social media activities. Nimble allows you to create a network of key people instead of having a group of everyone and anyone. Some of the key features worth mentioning are Contact management, Activity management, lead management and Social inbox. (Cleary, 2013)

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